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Private Consultation

Book a private session with Maggie Howell

Book a private session with Maggie Howell

No matter what patterns and behaviours you are currently experiencing, a session with Maggie Howell can help to change, update and reframe them to help you make better choices and lead a more confident and fulfilling life.

The first session is normally an hour and a half and includes an audio recording to listen to at home. Subsequent sessions are approximately one hour. The charge for your first session including the audio recording is £100 and subsequent sessions are £60. Many clients only need one session. Consulations are in Farnham, Surrey

Maggie has experience helping clients in the following areas:-

• Fertility
• Fear of flying
• Fear of presentations
• Anxiety
• Phobias
• Weight loss
• Childbirth
• Post natal recovery
• Post traumatic stress disorder
• Self esteem
• Commitment issues
• Insomnia
• Eating disorders

For a free telephone consultation please call 01252716859

To book a session email maggie@hypnosisforhealthychoices.co.uk

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