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Relaxation and Stress Management Testimonials

Relaxation and stress management testimonials

Relaxation and stress management testimonials

"I came across Maggie Howell when I was looking for a hypnosis track for childbirth. Listening to the Hypnosis for childbirth and the Labour companion made my third labour a truly unique and wonderful experience... Natal hypnotherapy rules.

Not being able to listen to the CD after the birth, however, left a big gap in my life. I missed her soothing voice, the truly calming music and the wonderful, revitalised and relaxed feeling I used to have when waking up from the hypnotic sleep. I was over the moon when I found her Relaxation CD. Listening to it was like coming home after a long journey. Like her stroking my forehead and helping me to relax.

Before listening to her CDs I was convinced that I have my own techniques to manage stress and relax. But Maggie Howell is like the iPad - you don't realise how much you need her until you try it once. Thank you Maggie for your natal hypnotherapy and this track, you really changed my life through them" Daphne

"I initially used the [Natal Hypnotherapy] for birthing CD and thought it was fantastic so bought this one for more general use. This one is about 30 mins in length so much shorter then the pregnancy one and although I was initially disappointed by this, actually the shorter length makes it much more useable and useful. Contains some excellent techniques which are memorable and that I find myself using during particularly busy or stressful days. Would recommend it 100%. Give it a go!"

"Very relaxing indeed, I use this CD if I need a nap in the afternoon! I would definitely recommend this CD to anyone who has a few minor worries that they need to put in perspective, or just wants a nap!!" Joanna

"I would highly recommend this cd for anyone looking for a relaxation cd, it is fantastic. It totally relaxes me" Caroline

"Speaking as a hypnotherapist myself I was delighted with this CD.The voice is just right. So soporific. You have a choice with this one. You can either slip off into beautiful dreams or you can stay awake and enjoy the philosopy" Hilary

"This is certainly one of the better relaxation cds. well worth having to use as a calming too"

Relaxation and Stress Managment MP3

Relaxation and Stress Managment MP3

Price: 7.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

Ref: 9781905220830

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